Weather Radios

The Sun City Amateur Radio Society, otherwise known as SCARS is a chartered club here in Sun City Texas. We are often referred to as HAM Operators. HAMs are the people that come out of the woodwork during area emergencies such as Hurricanes, Tornados, as well as other emergency situations and often help in search and rescue to locate people who are missing or lost.


To become HAM Radio Amateurs, we each had to pass a test overseen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and in our own right have reasonable expertise in the field of Electronics and the Communications Art.


HAMs have the ability to communicate when cell phones don't function, when electricity is out and when commercial communications such as TV and Radio fail. Part of the reason why the FCC allocates our frequencies is to supply emergency communications when commercial communication systems do fail. During recent emergencies when local communications were lost, it was the HAM Operators who maintained vital communications best evidenced during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.


We at SCARS hope we will never have the need to perform under those conditions again. Instead, we would like to offer the Sun City Community our services in a preventative way. Many of us have a weather radio which sets off an audible alarm during local weather advisories. Those of us, who don't have one, should! They can be purchased from Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, HEB or even ordered from Amazon. SCARS recommends the Midland WR120EZ (newer model)—this small weather radio is clean and simple, affordable, easy to operate, and works well. These Radios need to be set up with the local identifiers to alert only on local emergency conditions. This required setup can be confusing for some.


You will find below some useful links in helping you decide.


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