Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Golf Courses In Sun City Texas Open To The Public?

Yes, all of our golf courses are public golf courses.

When Am I Most Likely To Find An Available Tee Time? 

Due to the unique demographics of Sun City Texas, there are often plenty of weekend and evening tee times available. 

How Does The Catering For Tournaments Work? 

We can provide catering assistance, or you are free to book the catering service of your choosing.  

The Sun Is Up, Why Can't We Play?

When climatic conditions are just right, the temperature can actually drop just after sunrise. The temperature may drop just enough to produce frost. This does not necessarily mean that the temperature is below freezing, 32 degrees F.

Why Can't We Play When There's Frost?

Frost is frozen dew on the grass. When the grass is frozen, the water inside the cells of the plant is also frozen. Foot traffic on frozen grass ruptures the cell membranes containing the frozen water. This causes irreparable damage to the structure of the plant. One foursome can track several hundred footprints on one green. If each footprint results in dead grass, we then have an inconsistent putting surface.

What is GolfNow and why do I see it on the Chelsea tee sheet?

We use a website,, to market extra tee times to the public. This electronic clearing house is used by many courses in the area to generate additional revenue. Each day after processing Resident tee time requests, we submit unused times in an attempt to capture outside revenue. This procedure has helped revenue with no impact on Resident access.

Some information about GolfNow and how it works:

  • It is an online tee time clearinghouse offering limited tee times from several facilities to the general public.
  • We use this website to market our tee times to the general public and capture off campus revenue
  • We submit tee times to them, set a price, and they post the availabilities online by course and day
  • They get paid by using one of the tee times, selling it online, and keeping that money. This time is usually the least desirable 18 hole tee time (example: right before rate change to twilight rate)
  • We collect all other revenue here on site