Club Cuers

Lucy and Jerry Pate are round dance cuers and instructors in the central Texas area who live in Round Rock. They cue and teach round dancing in Austin and Georgetown. Their main focus, within their dance groups, is improving the skills of the phase 2 thru 4 round dancer, and having some fun and fellowship in the process. Lucy and Jerry started round dancing in 1985 and began cueing and teaching in 1997. They were mentored by Joann and Aubrey Smelser, great cuers from Smithville, Texas, and they are graduates of Dick and Karen Fisher’s cuer school. Lucy and Jerry are members of Roundalab, ICBDA, Texas Round Dance Teachers Association, and the Austin Square and Round Dance Association.

Lucy and Jerry cue and teach in Austin for the cities’ only round dance club, Merry-Go-Rounds, which was founded in 1983 by Patsy and Carl Dammier, who in 1985 passed the club to the Smelsers. The Smelsers retired in 2009 and passed the Merry-Go-Rounds to Lucy & Jerry. Lucy also cues for two Georgetown square dance clubs; Shirts & Skirts and the Sun City Sun Dancers.

Lucy and Jerry have attended many local, state, and national round dance festivals. They have taught at Texas and out-of-state dance festivals, including the Halloween Ball in Shreveport, Louisiana, and at Fun Valley in South Fork, Colorado. They also cue at square and round dances like the “Hill Country Happenin” in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Jerry has been a medical imaging technologist for over 40 years and is looking forward to retirement in a few years. Lucy is already retired and spends most of her time with round dancing activities, and their daughter, Rose, and their two grandsons.