Trail Etiquette

In the time-honored tradition of outdoor lovers everywhere, members of the Sun City Hiking Club strive to adhere to the basic tenets of trail etiquette:

  • Hike quietly and keep talk to a conversational level.
  • The larger group yields to the smaller group and moves off the trail until they pass.
  • When walking downhill, yield to any hiker(s) coming uphill.
  • On multi-use trails, hike single-file. Hikers should yield to horses. Bicyclists yield to both hikers and horses.
  • When stopping for a view, or for any reason, move off the trail.
  • Do not cause delays to the group without good reason.
  • Use caution when hiking with poles, being careful to hold them at an angle that is not hazardous to the hiker immediately behind you.
  • If a gap is opened in front of you -- or the hiker behind you is too close -- step aside, to the right, and let that hiker pass.
  • Leave no trace. Carry out absolutely everything you carried in and, when feasible, pick up litter along the way.
  • Do not converse on a cell phone while on the trail.
  • Greet oncoming hikers with a friendly smile.
  • To protect the driver’s vehicle, bring plastic bags for dirty boots, another plastic bag for use as a seat covering during inclement weather and an extra pair of shoes.