Safety and Stamina on the Trail

It is the personal responsibility of each hiker to know his/her own physical capabilities and limitations and to participate accordingly. Personal training is crucial. All members are expected to prepare for hike participation and to hike in a manner that assures not only their personal safety but also the safety of the group.

To increase stamina and endurance, members are encouraged to walk outside at least three times per week for a distance of three miles, at a pace fast enough to elevate heart and respiration rates. 

Safe Hiking Basics

The Hiking Club also attempts to educate its members regarding basic, common-sense safety rules which should be followed when participating in outdoor activities. The recommendations below have been compiled by the Club from a variety of sources. They represent the fundamental safe practices which all hikers should adopt when venturing into the wilderness.

Safe Hiking Basics

Advantages of Using Trekking Poles

The proper use of Trekking Poles can help prevent trips and falls and help improve balance on the trail, especially those with rocks and roots.

Trekking Pole Article

Tips from Our Members

Supplementing the above list of general suggestions for safe and enjoyable hiking is a collection of personal tips submitted by club members as a result of their individual outdoor experiences over the years. To submit a hiking tip of your own, click on the second link below.

Tips from Members