Education: Registration Tips & Refund Information

Signing Up for a Class: Online Registration How-to

The Computer Club Lab monitors can also assist you.

We have created step-by-step how-to videos and a handout on how to use the new system. 

Video: How To Register for Classes Using the New Online Registration Process  (15 minutes)

Video: How To Cancel an Online Class Registration (2 minutes)

Handout:  How to Register for Classes

Handout:  How to Cancel Your Class Registration

Handout:  Policies and Procedures for Online Registration

Handout:  Registration, Payment and Refund Procedures in a Nutshell

Handout:  Troubleshooting the Online Registration Ticketing System

Class Attendance (Online Class Registration)

Your Sun City event "print at home" ticket is required for class attendance. Please bring it to class.

Refunds (Online Registration)

 If you must cancel your online class registration:

  • Make sure you have your class Sun City event "print at home" ticket AND a printed copy of your class cancellation email.  If you are not sure how to cancel, watch the How To Cancel an Online Class Registration video.
  • If you don't have your ticket, follow the directions below for obtaining a ticket.
  • Turn in both your ticket and cancellation email to the monitor in the Computer Lab.  The will provide you with Class Refund Paperwork to fill out to receive a refund. 
  • Turn in the paperwork to the lab monitor.  They will attach your ticket and cancellation email to the paperwork and place in a refund folder.
  • The refund process could take up to 2 weeks. 

Credits (Online Registration)

Credits are no longer offered for canceled classes.  See Refunds section above.

Getting Your Print at Home Ticket (if you didn't print it out when paying for the class):

  • Log into the Sun City website
  • Click the gold BUY TICKETS / MEMBERSHIPS that appears on the right side of the page
  • On the next page, In the upper right corner, click MY ACCOUNT
  • Log in again.
  • On the next page, click ORDER HISTORY
  • On the next page, for the ticket you wish to print, click VIEW
  • On the next page, under Order Status: Print at Home > click PRINT

What classes are available for me to take?

We offer a wide variety of classes.  Click on "Class Descriptions" in the navigation menu to the left to see a list of those classes.

In what order should I take classes?

For classes you might be interested in, read the course description (under Class Descriptions) to see if the class you want carries a pre-requisite.  If it doesn't, sign up for the class you want.  If it does, sign up for the pre-requisite and then you'll be ready for the class you want.

What classes are offered right now?

 Check the online registration calendar.

What else should I know?

Classes are designed in one, two, three and four 2-hour sessions. One session courses are designed to focus on one or two computer skills or one area of computer content; two session courses require two sequential sessions on a specific topic. Three session courses are designed to provide a very broad overview of the content, and will require both persistence and practice to acquire full mastery of the content.

Classes are held in the classroom of the Computer Club in the Activities Center unless otherwise noted.

Certain iDevices classes may require the purchase of applications for your device. If an "App" is required, that requirement will be noted in the class description.

Computer Club Membership is required for registration in all classes except the introductory classes: Windows Basic Skills and Mac - Intro

How can I help out?

We need Instructors and assistants to teach and to aid teachers for the classes being offered. If you would like to be an instructor or just help out an instructor in a class, please contact the Education Director for more information.

Be a lifelong learner - TAKE A CLASS!