Class List & Descriptions

Below is a list of the Computer Club's course offerings listed alphabetically by name. You can click on a course name to view the description for each course, what you will learn, its cost and suggested prerequisites.

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COLOR KEY Note:  These classifications are somewhat arbitrary.  If you have concerns, speak with the instructor.

img Class Content appropriate for all levels
img Class Content appropriate for those comfortable with computer use
img Class Content recommended for experienced computer users

(1 -2 -3) Indicates how many times the class meets.

You must be a member of the Sun City Computer Club in order to take a class.  Sign up online (through ticketing) or at the Member Services office.

Alphabetical Class List

A - F
img (1) Bibliophile: Managing eBooks
img (1) Cloud Computing (Basic)
img (2) Computer and Information Security
img (1) Digital Legacy
img (3) eBay-Buy, Sell, and Ship
img (1) Facebook
img (1) Files and Folders - Generic

G - L 
img (3)  Genealogy-Beginning Genealogy
img (1)  Genealogy-England and Wales
img (1)  HTML - An Introduction
img (3)  iPhone-Basics 
img (1)  iPhone-Health Applications 
img (4)  iPhone-Intermediate
img (1)  iPhone-Apple Setup
img (1)  iPhone-Texting - Apple
img (1)  Learning Wireless Networking
img (1)   LibreOffice - Introduction

img (3)  Mac-Advanced Numbers
img (1)  MAC-BackUp:Time Machine
img (1)  MAC-Big Sur Operating System Tour
img (1)  Mac-Calendar
img (2)  Mac-Email Basics (Mac Mail Client)
img (1)  Mac-Email Advanced
img (2)  Mac-Files/Folders
img (2)  Mac-iCloud Basics
img (2)  Mac-Intro
img (2)  Mac-Keynote
img (2)  Mac-Maintenance Basics
img (2)  Mac-Mimeo
img (2)  Mac-Music
img (2)  Mac-Numbers
img (2)  Mac-Pages
img (2)  Mac-Photos
img (2)  Mac-Review of Methods
img (2)  Mac-Safari
img (2)  Mac-TextEdit
img (1)  Mac-Tools For Those With Limited Hearing

img (3)  MS Excel Intro
img (3)  MS Excel Formulas & Functions
img (2)  MS Excel Pivot Tables & Charts
img (3)  MS Excel Ranges, Structured Tables, Charts
img (2)  MS Paint
img (2)  MS PowerPoint 101
img (1)  MS PowerPoint Advanced
img (2)  MS Word Intro
img (2)  MS Word Intermediate
img (1)  MS Word Templates
img (1)  Music on the Internet

img (1)  Password Manager
img (2)  PhotoBooks 101
img (3)  
Photoshop Elements 1
img (2)  Photoshop Elements 2- Beyond the Basics Using Layers
img (1)  Photoshop Elements Guided Edits


Q - Z
img (2)  Safer Use of Electronic Devices
img (1)  Safer Web Browsing
img (1) Savvy - How Technically Savvy Are You?
img (1)  Screen Shots
img (1)  Securing a Home Network
img (1)  Sudoku - Solving Principles
img (1)  Sudoku - Killer Solving Principles

img (1)  Understanding Wi-Fi and Routers
img (2)  Windows-Basic Skills
img (2)  Microsoft Computer Basics (Using Windows 11)
img (1)  Windows-Files & Folders
img (1)  Windows For Hearing Accessibility
img (3)  Windows 10
img (3)  Windows 11
img (3)  Windows 10-Cortana and Edge
img (1)  Zoom: Advanced Concepts
img (1)  Zoom: Connecting with Children
img (1)  Zoom Participation and Hosting