Mission Statement

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Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc., is a volunteer women’s organization, whose members are motivated and inspired to strengthen their partnership with Israel, ensure Jewish continuity, and realize their potential as a dynamic force in American Society.

Founded in 1912, Hadassah retains the passion and timeless values of its founder Henrietta Szold, Jewish scholar and activist, dedicated to Judaism, Zionism, and the American ideal. Committed to the centrality of Israel based on the renaissance of the Jewish people in its historic homeland, Hadassah promotes the unity of the Jewish people. In Israel, Hadassah initiates and supports pace-setting health care, education and youth institutions, and land development to meet the country’s changing needs.

In the United States, Hadassah enhances the quality of American and Jewish life through its education and Zionist youth programs, promotes health awareness, and provides personal enrichment and growth for its members.

Hadassah – Sun City Kadima Chapter

We are part of Greater Southwest Region

Rosh Chodesh Group is open to members and guests only and usually meets once a month. All supporters of Israel are welcome to join and to attend our meetings.

For more information about Hadassah, and time and location of meetings, contact Mary Ann Lish, 512-864-2425 or e-mail Mary Ann

Hadassah/Kadima Slate of Officers for year 2014

  • President (Co- Presidents) - Sarah Christiansen & Geri Scheer
  • Organization / Executive VP - Linda Schaffer
  • Secretary - Tracy Russell
  • Treasurer - Laurel Kupperman
  • Fundraising - Linda Baer & Michele Peck
  • Membership - Patti Maltz
  • Programming - Lois Leubitz & Nancy Rogers
  • Cards and Certificates - Ann Kessler
  • Past President - Mary Ann Lish