How does my PC get Malware?

Since Malware is distributed as some form of executable software code, it must be introduced to  the computer in some manner.  Today there are several ways that Malware may be introduced into your computer, such as:

FROM EMAIL - Opening a Malware program disguised as an Email attachment. For more tips on how to keep email safe, click HERE

FROM A WEBSITE - Downloading files from the internet, to which a Malware program is attached;

FROM A POP-UP WINDOW ADVERTISEMENT: Loading programs/software recommended by advertisers to which Malware “trojans” are attached.  For more detail on what do do if you get a pop-up window that requests you to click somewhere, click HERE

FROM ANOTHER PIECE OF SOFTWARE: Installing new software or updating software already on the computer with software, to which a Malware program is attached;

EXTERNAL MEDIA - Using infected flash drives, USB drives, or VDD/CD's (like the old floppy disk method);

SOCIAL MALWARE - Allowing third parties, usually from a convincing telephone caller, to control the computer remotely through the internet. This is becoming a more and more common scam, particularly within retirement communities like Sun City.

In most cases some form of deceit is involved and the innocent user is unaware of the danger or possibility.  An example would be the telephone caller ostensibly from “Microsoft” or “Windows” claiming to help rid your computer of viruses.  Or the email from Paypal or your bank which informs you that your account has been compromised, and that you should “click here”.

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