AED Locations in Sun City Texas

  1. SOFTBALL – On the backstop fence at the ball field
  2. HORTICULTURE – Just inside the side door of the greenhouse
  3. WOODSHOP – Wall at first aid station outside of ladies restroom
  4. TENNIS – Wall next to soda machine and drinking fountain by restrooms
  5. ACTIVITIES – Wall behind front desk
  6. PICKLEBALL – Mounted to chain fence between court 4 and 5
  7. BILLIARDS – Wall by front door
  8. SOCIAL CENTER – Behind monitors desk
  9. CRAFTS – Wall at entrance to restrooms
  10. TEXAS DRIVE FITNESS – Wall at entrance to fitness machines and weights
  11. LEGACY HILLS GOLF – Outside wall between pro shop and restaurant
  12. WHITE WING GOLF – Outside wall to the right of front door at the restaurant
  13. COWAN CREEK MONITOR – At the monitors desk
  14. COWAN CREEK FITNESS – Wall inside fitness center, past the desk and to the right
  15. COWAN CREEK PAVILION – Wall between restrooms
  16. LEGACY PARK PAVILION – Wall next to men’s restroom