PSE101-Photoshop Elements Basics


Photoshop Elements Basics

Three 2-hr sessions


Photoshop Elements is photo-editing software that’s easy to learn, can do just about everything you want to do to your images, and costs a lot less than Photoshop! If you want to learn the basics of photo-editing, try this introductory course.



After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Perform basic edits to all or a selected part of an image, using the Quick Edit functions (Crop, Straighten, Lighten, Remove Color Cast, Red Eye Fix, Quick Selection, Color Saturation, and Sharpening an image)
  • Use the Full/Expert Edit to perform basic restoration to a selected part of the image with the Healing Brush, Cloning Tool, and others
  • Use the Guided Edit for special effects, like Panorama and Old-fashioned Photo

Capacity: 6