MAC103-Mac Maintenance Basics



Mac Maintenance Basics

Two 2-hr Sessions

Prerequisite: You should have enough experience with your Mac to be able to understand and change Settings. This course uses Apple's latest operating system, Ventura (OS13).


Now that you have a Mac computer or laptop and are using it for your everyday communications, do you know how to keep it up to date? Can you troubleshoot any things that go wrong? Do you understand computer scams and malware? Do you use Time Machine for backups? If you’ve answered NO! to any of these questions, this is the class you need to take. The course will show you how to accomplish those tasks and more, successfully! Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve performance and speed
  • Keep your Mac updated with latest software
  • Do basic troubleshooting
  • Keep your Mac secure
  • Use Time Machine for backing up your files

Capacity: 8