EXC202-Excel Pivot Tables & Charts


Excel Pivot Tables & Charts

 Two 2-hr Sessions

Would you like to learn a better way to organize and summarize your data in tables from various points of view to better understand the information? Here’s why you need to learn about the Pivot Table:

  • It transforms your data into a meaningful, interactive presentation
  • It gets its name from the ability to interactively change or pivot the perspective, giving you an entirely new view, using the same source data, and interactively drill down to any level of data you want
  • You can rearrange your Pivot Chart on the fly by simply dragging the fields within the Pivot Table—Excel quickly regenerates the linked Pivot Table and Pivot Chart

The course also includes an exercise in building an Excel Dashboard, an interactive data visualization tool that combines in one space more than one view of your data, ideal for making presentations to an audience such as members of a Sun City club.

Capacity: 6