EBA101-Buying & Selling on eBay


Buying & Selling on eBay

Three 2-hour Sessions

Everyone has stuff they’d like to sell, but how? Too much trouble, right? Wrong—not if you use eBay! This updated course will teach you how to make some money while clearing out your house.

  1. First session: an overview of eBay and a discussion on registration and buying on eBay.
  2. Second session: listing and selling items on eBay. We’ll create a listing to sell an item and discuss methods to research appropriate pricing, plus some “gotchas” that will help you going forward.
  3. Third session: instructor packages an item for shipment and shows how to take advantage of shipping discounts provided by eBay and other services.
  4. The course also covers alternate Internet selling sites, such as Amazon, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist, along with precautions to use when selling online.

Throughout all of this, you’ll receive links that will be helpful as you "go live" on eBay. At the conclusion of classes, the instructor will offer times to meet in the Internet Café to help those needing further assistance with hands-on pricing, research techniques, and listing items for sale.

Capacity: 12