Course List

Below is a list of the Computer Club's course offerings. You can click on a course name to view the description for each course, what you will learn, and its cost.

You must be a member of the Sun City Computer Club in order to take a class.  Sign up via the Education Online Registration Calendar.

Course Identifiers

The course identifying system is designed to clarify the course description, prerequisite requirements, and skill level necessary for the students to enjoy and successfully complete the courses. 

Naming has two components.

  • The topic or subject matter
  • The skill level needed

For example, IPH101 would be a class on iPhone; 101 indicates a basic and/or introductory class. Note that course numbers ending in Z are Zoom courses, not classroom versions.

Numbering has three levels.

  • All 100-level courses are introductory—teach basic skills that you need BEFORE attempting other classes
  • All 200-level courses are intermediate—require a basic level of knowledge before attending
  • All 300-level courses are advanced—require considerable experience before attending


The course list below, organized by topic, includes subject/product identifiers for all current courses.

Computer Club-specific
CCB101 Navigating Our Websites

Artificial Intelligence
AIP101 AI Prompt Basics with Microsoft Copilot
AIP102 AI Prompt to Image Basics with Microsoft Copilot

Data Security
DSE101 Using a Password Manager
DSE103Z Your Online Data—Now & Later

EBA101 Buying & Selling on eBay

Microsoft Excel
EXC101 Excel Intro
EXC102 Excel Formulas & Functions
EXC201 Excel Ranges, Tables, & Charts
EXC201Z Excel Ranges, Tables, & Charts
EXC202 Excel Pivot Tables & Charts

FAC101 Facebook Intro

GEN101 Genealogy Basics

Google Products
GGL101 Google Drive
GGL101Z Google Drive
GGL102 Google Photos
GGL102Z Google Photos
GGL103Z Google Docs
GGL104 Google Sheets

Android Phone
AND101 Android Basics 

Apple iPad
IPD101 iPad Basics

Apple iPhone

IPH101 Introduction to iPhone
IPH102 Using the iPhone Health app
IPH103 Safari Pt 1, Intro to the Internet
IPH104 Communicating with iPhone
IPH105 Organizing Your Life Using iPhone
IPH201 Discovering iPhone Photography
IPH202 Safari Pt 2, Optimizing & Organizing Safari

LIB101 LibreOffice Intro

MAC101 Mac Basics
MAC102 Numbers Basics
MAC103 Mac Maintenance Basics
MAC104 iMovie

Microsoft Paint
PNT102Z Paint 3D

Microsoft PowerPoint
PPT101 PowerPoint Basics

Photoshop Elements
PSE101 Photoshop Elements Basics
PSE202 Photoshop Elements Intermediate

QCK101Z Quicken Basics

Apple Watch
WAT101 Apple Watch Workshop

Microsoft Windows
WIN101 Win11 Basics for Beginners
WIN102 Win11 Overview
WIN102Z Win11 Overview
WIN201 Win11 Files & Folders

Microsoft Word

WRD101 Word Basics

WRD101Z Word Basics

WRD102 Word Templates
WRD201Z Word Intermediate

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