Sudoku Solving Principles

Sudoku Solving Principles

Class Sessions: One, 1.5-hour session


Course Prerequisites:

·        Familiarity with the design and structure of Sudoku puzzles

·        Enthusiastic / juiced up to learn more about this game

Course Description:

This course will venture into the brain-stimulating Sudoku game and lay out a number of principles and the brutal logic needed to solve regular Sudoku puzzles.  A short history and internet sources of collateral and puzzles will be reviewed.  

Course Objectives:

·        Introduce a short history of Sudoku

·        Agree on a set of definitions

·        Provide a systematic approach to solving Sudoku puzzles

·        Suggest principles for annotations

·        Present internet sources of puzzles

·        Discuss alternative spreadsheet approach

·        Use live examples to illustrate concepts



Date of Inception or update: 22 August 2021