Password Manager

Class session: One 60-minute online class, divided into the following three topics:

1.     Choosing a Password Manager

2.     Demo of basic and advanced features

3.     Principles of password security


 Course Prerequisites:

·       You are familiar with your platform and browser

·       You use various applications and websites where a password is needed.


Course Description:

A Password Manager is a must for most computer users nowadays.  During the pandemic, more and more people surf the internet and buy from various websites.  Security and diversification of your passwords are increasingly important.  This session will provide you the foundational knowledge to use a password manager and fundamentally enhance your online safety.


Course Objectives:

You will:

·       Get an overview of multiple password managers

·       Understand the basic features: access and logins, password generation, saving a password

·       Understand some of the advanced features: synchronization, form filling, security scores

·       Appreciate the finer points of password security and thus sleep better at night