Bibliophile: Managing Your eBooks

Class Sessions: One, 90-minute class via Zoom


Course Prerequisites:

·       You should be proficient in using files and folders with the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer application

·       You should have experience with a mainstream browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

·       You should enjoy reading on a tablet and you don’t care about bibliosmia.

·       You must be proficient in participating in Zoom.

·       You must have Zoom loaded on a platform that you comfortable with.

·       Also, please make sure you have the latest version of Zoom.


Course Description:

Increasingly, avid readers are driven to the electronic format of books because of cost and convenience, and some of us have acquired sizeable libraries.  How do we care for our stash of ebooks?  Can we share them?  What’s that non-sense about copyrighted books that were published more than 100 years ago?  Can we circumvent digital rights locks?

Course Objectives:

You will learn:

·       Different types of ebook formats and why they are important

·       How to disassemble epub books

·       Digital rights management

·       Apple’s greedy and evil license agreement

·       How to manage your ebooks inventory

·       Pros and cons of using the Calibre tool

·       Sources of free and not-so-free ebooks