Online Data

Your Online Data : Now and Later

Class Sessions: One, 90-minute class via Zoom


Course Prerequisites:

·       You should be proficient in using files and folders with the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer application

·       You should have experience with a mainstream browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

·       You must be proficient in participating in Zoom.

·       You must have Zoom loaded on a platform that you comfortable with.

·       Also, please make sure you have the latest version of Zoom.

Course Description:

A zillion people and organizations cover issues online like advanced care planning or financial legacy or estate issues.  But what about your technology and data legacy?  This course will discuss the end of your digital life and how to control it.  How do you handle your LinkedIn or Facebook accounts?  What is the best way to safely communicate your passwords to your next of kin?  What will happen with that accumulation of cherished comics scans you have on a hard drive somewhere?  Who will respond to possibly important incoming emails when you're not able to do it anymore?  

Course Objectives:

You will learn:

·       Why control of your online legacy is important

·       The importance of checklists

·       Password ‘vault’ strategies

·       How to establish a plan and prioritize the different activities related to your online presence

·       How your multiple online accounts should be handled when you are deceased