Cloud Computing (Basic)

Class Sessions: One, 90-minute class via Zoom


Course Prerequisites:

·       You should be proficient in using files and folders with the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer application

·       You should have experience with a mainstream browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

·       You must be proficient in participating in Zoom.

·       You must have Zoom loaded on a platform that you comfortable with.

·       Also, please make sure you have the latest version of Zoom.


Course Description:

Cloud computing involves using and storing information on the internet for backup, syncing, sharing, and collaboration purposes. This class will deal with the definition of the concept, different types of cloud storage, safety aspects, and relative costs. Products that may be discussed are: Dropbox; OneDrive; Azure; Box; iCloud; Google Cloud and Google Drive; SugarSync; SpiderOak; Carbonite; Amazon Web Services.


Course Objectives:

You will learn:

·       Ways to deal with storage

·       Ways to define filters for your data

·       Ways to understand version control

·       Tips, tricks, do's, and don'ts of cloud computing, building on everybody's experience as to how to clean out a garage. 



This class will mainly focus on devices running Windows, but iOS users will certainly be able to pick up ideas.