Learning Wireless Networking

Class Sessions: One, 2-hour class


Course Prerequisites:

·       You must have Zoom loaded on a platform that you comfortable with.

·       Please use a well-known browser. Zoom does not always pair well with older, little-used browsers. Browsers that seem to work well with Zoom are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

·       Also, please make sure you have the latest version of Zoom.


Course Description:

          This introductory course will help you understand your wireless networking system. You will discover how to make your system safe and secure. You will also discover how to maximize your system with minimal maintenance.

Course Objectives:

          You will:

·       Review the role of the ISP, modem, and router.

·       Learn how you may test network speeds.

·       Diagnose what may be some sources of device interference.

·       Discover ways to secure your Wi-Fi.

·       Identify antenna modifications that may help focus your Wi-Fi signal.


Updated June, 2020