Zoom Training for PC, MAC, and iPad Training

Class session: One 40-minute online class

Fee: Free at this time


Zoom is a free teleconferencing format that can work on many platforms, including PCs, Androids, Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Zoom allows people to meet virtually to share ideas and information. Members can see and hear each other during the 40-minute sessions.


Course Prerequisites:

Once you have signed up for a class, you will receive several days before the session an email telling you how to install Zoom on your device.

Also, you must sign up for a session that matches the platform you prefer (iPad, Mac, or PC).


Course Description:

You will participate in a free 40-minute online training session. You will learn how to connect with others through Zoom. You will also learn how to participate in a Zoom presentation. You will discover some of the Zoom features. You will discuss how to protect your privacy and security.


Course Objectives:

You will learn how to:

  •  Safely load Zoom to the platform of your choice
  • Safely enter a Zoom session
  • Use Zoom features to contribute to discussions
  • Use Zoom features to share information
  • Leave a Zoom session
  • Protect your privacy and security