Windows For Hearing Accessibility

Class Sessions: One, 2-hour class with optional one-on-one session after the class


Course Prerequisites:
Windows Intro or equivalent knowledge of Windows computers

Course Description:
Windows computers have many capabilities and features that can assist those whose hearing is limited. These Accessibility Features were designed especially for users with such limitations. This course describes these features and shares how to control them and put them to use.

Course Objectives:
By the end of the course, you will be able to use Windows Accessibility Tools to ameliorate your hearing limitations. You will understand how to:

· Use Windows Bluetooth functionality
· Customize hearing-related Accessibility Controls.
· Customize hearing-related System Preferences.
· Use keyboard shortcuts to activate these Tools.
· Control speakers and headphones connected to your Windows.
· Customize Style of Captions in Videos and Movies.
· Customize your interaction with Cortana.