Safer Usage of Electronic Devices

Class Sessions: Two, 2-hour classes


Course Prerequisites:


Course Description:

Kindles, tablets, smartphones, personal computers, macs, routers, wi-fi, smart speakers, smart doorbells, an ever-growing list. An ever-growing convenience. An ever-growing concern. This course gives an overview of the ability of such devices to both positively impact and negatively impact our lives.

Course Objectives:

              By the end of this course you will be able to:

·       List the positives and negatives of your devices

·       Understand unintended consequences of your devices

·       Separate myth from fact regarding the safety of your devices

·       Understand how your electronic devices work with each other

·       Learn how to strengthen security on your devices

·       Know what to do if security is compromised

·       Judge how to make future electronic device purchases