MS Paint

Class Sessions: Two,  2-hour classes


Course Prerequisites :

  • Basic skills to use the computer

Course Description: 

This class will be on MS Paint, a free graphics software that comes with Windows 10.

Paint allows you to:

  • draw and paint on a computer canvas, just like you would with real paint
  • use the pencil tool with different thicknesses
  • use the various size Paint brushes, including air brush, and various colors
  • add photos (one or multiple photos) to the canvas, crop, resize, skew, cut off portions, create blur effect, and make background transparent
  • add text to any of your creations and save them as an image file.
  • insert the full image or portions to any other document you may be working on, such as Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.

The recent addition to MS Paint is creating in 3D.

Course Objectives:

You will learn: 

  • To open and use MS Paint software
  • To learn about Paint canvas
  • To understand the Paint screen and learn about the tools
  • To add images from websites or your computer to the canvas
  • To draw using pre-designed shapes and free style form
  • To edit the image or drawing:
    • resize, crop, rotate, skew
    • add colors to the image and background
    • cut off portions of an image
    • use pencil, brush tools
    • add transparency
    • add text
  • To add multiple images to canvas
  • To save as an image file - jpg, bmp, png, gif
  • Introduction to 3D paint