Mac-Advanced Numbers

Class Sessions: Three, 2-hour classes


Course Prerequisites:

Student must have completed the basic Numbers course and currently be using Numbers.  This is an advanced course. Experience with other spreadsheets will be useful.

Course Description:

The course will explore several advanced features of Numbers, and incorporate them into a cashflow budget which includes income from investments from many different sources. A brief introduction of different investment vehicles will also be presented.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Use a budget spreadsheet that includes cash flow from investments that vary by month, depend on the portfolio contents, and tax withholding. 
  • Be able to use decision making Numbers and information functions like IF, SUMIF, LOOKUP, STOCK, and STOCKH.
  • Basic understanding of several different types of investments, such as:
    • Investments
      • IRA Distributions (Regular, and Roth)
      • Stock Dividends
      • Bond Interest
      • Certificates of Deposit
      • Mutual Funds
  • A template Numbers spreadsheet will be created that can be modified to suit the student’s financial situation.

Modified: Date of course change/creation:  07/10/2018