MS Word Templates

Class Sessions: One, 2-hour class



·    Familiarity in working with Microsoft Word

·        The class will be based on Word 2013, 2016 or 2019 templates. If you have Microsoft 365 (Office 365), you will have the most recent version of Word.

·        For Microsoft 365 subscribers, Microsoft offers Premium templates.

·        Experience with participating in a Zoom meeting. Templates and its usefulness Microsoft provides you with many pre-built templates.


Course Description:

The right template can make creating attractive documents much quicker and easier. Templates are created making the most of various features of the program - features you might not be familiar with and might not otherwise have used. Almost anything you want someone would have already thought of and would have created a template. Templates can include calendars, business cards, letters, greeting cards, brochures, newsletters, forms, recipes and much more. You can download free, pre-built document templates with useful and creative themes and customize them with personal data with ease.

Course Objectives:

·    To learn about the templates

·        To locate the templates and access them for your use


·        To use the search feature to select a template

·    To create a document based on a selected template

·    To apply modifications when you create a document using a template.

·    To modify an existing template to customize for your specific use and save as a new template

·    To create a new template from scratch and save as a template for future use

·    To consider certain points when working with templates

·    To access templates from Microsoft website and download them for your use