Course Sessions: Two, 2-hour sessions


Prerequisites: Mac - Introduction or equivalent knowledge.

Course Description: An Internet browser retrieves web pages from computers connected to the internet and displays them on your computer screen.  It also navigates between these web pages as you direct.  Safari is Apple’s internet browser for its Mac Computers.

 Course Objectives: At the end of this course, you will be able to:

          Find Your Way Around the Internet

          Download from the Internet

          Arrange and Manipulate Web Pages in Windows and Tabs

          Show/Hide Information about Safari

          Manipulate Browsing History, Bookmarks and Reading List

          Adjust Safari Preferences

          Control Zoom of Web Pages

          Enter and Exit Full Screen Mode

          Get, Install and Use Safari Extensions

          Translate Web Page Content

          Understand and Control How Safari Defends Your Privacy


MLS 08 January 2021