iPhone Basics

Please bring your iPhones/iPads with you to class.

Class Sessions: Three, 3-hour classes


Course Description:

The iPhone is one of the most popular 'smart' mobile phones which operate as a small, hand-held and entirely portable computer. The iPhone comes with many built in 'apps', including e-mail, GPS maps, Siri, internet, calendar, address book and much more.

This course will introduce you to the controls on your iPhone, customizing your screen and entering and editing text. It is intended to be for beginners and will include in class exercises which will give you a taste of the power of some of the apps without mastering them. It will prepare you for follow on courses or to start to explore the iPhone’s many apps on your own.

The examples used in the class are based on the iPhone using the latest iOS operating system. However much of the class content is also germane to the iPad and to the iPod Touch. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or an iPod (but only Apple devices), you will learn a lot in this class.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and be able to use all of the controls on your phone
  • Understand the touch screen: swipe, tap, scroll, pinch and spread
  • Understand how to customize your phone in the settings menu
  • Use your photos to personalize the wallpaper
  • Customize the home page and use folders to organize your apps
  • Use the Notification Center and Control Center
  • Use Spotlight Search to find anything, anywhere on your iPhone
  • Enter text, use special characters and edit text
  • Recognize the power of some of the standard built-in apps of the iPhone
    • Create an e-mail,
    • Create a contact
  • Send a text
  • Use Contact for phone, text, email and location