Photoshop Elements 2 - Beyond the Basics Using Layers

Class Sessions: Two, 2-hour classes


Course Prerequisites:

All of the following (or equivalent experience):

  • Proficient at using the Windows operating systems and file structures
  • Comfortable with navigating around the latter versions of Photoshop Elements
  • Completion of the Photoshop Elements 1 course
  • This course is suitable for both PC and Mac users. If you  have any questions about the Mac version, please feel free to contact the instructor.

Enrolling students must have Adobe’s Photoshop Elements installed on their home computer, versions 11 through 15, or one of the later editions. 

This class is not intended to be a survey to decide if a member wants to buy the program.

The course will use the classroom computers equipped with Photoshop Elements 15, running on Windows.

Course Description/Intended Audience: 

Intermediate editing with Photoshop Elements 15 for the PC (can also be used on the Mac) .

Computer Club members who want a better understanding of the major functions of the Adobe Photoshop Elements Full/Expert Editor and who intend to actively use it to edit and improve their photographic images. This is an advanced course, which will include both video tutorials and class exercises.

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the use of Layers by creating a composite image
  • Explanation of the features of the Layers Panel
    • Basic use of blend modes
    • Basic use of Layer Masks
    • Adjustment Layers
  • Resources for continued self-study