Photoshop Elements 1

Class Sessions: Three, 2-hour classes

Course Prerequisites:

  • Enrolling students must have Adobe Photoshop Elements version 10 or higher, preferably whatever is the latest version, installed on their home computer.
  • Students must know how to move photographic images into a computer.
  • All the following computer skills (or equivalent experience):
    • Windows Users:  
      • Windows 10 or 11
      • Knowledge and skill in using Files and Folders
      • Knowledge and skill in using Windows Explorer and Edge
    • Mac Users:
      • Mac-Files and Folders
      • Knowledge and skill in using current Mac operating system

Intended Audience:

Computer Club members who already are able to input photographic images into a computer, whether from a digital camera or from scanning a film or slide, and who intend to actively be involved in the editing of these images.

Please Note:

This is not a “survey class” for those with a cursory or exploratory interest in photographic editing.

The Organizer function within Photoshop Elements can be used to gather images, tag and organize them into Catalogs.  The Organizer can pass images to the Editor functions.  This class will not provide instruction on the operations of the Organizer.  On-line resources are available for more information on the Organizer.  This class will use the file/folder structure to open images.

The course will use the classroom computers equipped with Adobe Photoshop Elements.  The Windows and Mac versions of Photoshop Elements are identical in editing capability; some functions differ slightly. If you have any questions about the above prerequisites, please contact the instructor.

Course Objectives: 

After completing this course, the student should be able to:

  • Perform basic edits to all or a selected part of an image using the Quick Edit. (e.g., Crop, Straighten, Lighten, Remove Color Cast, Red Eye Fix, Quick Selection, Color Saturation, and Sharpening of an image)
  • Perform basic restoration edits to a selected part of the image with the Healing Brush, Cloning Tool, and other tools, using the Full/Expert Edit.
  • Use the program's Guided Edit for special effects (e.g., Panorama, Old-fashioned Photo, etc.).


Updated Feb2022