MS Excel Intro 2010

Class Sessions: Three, 2-hour classes


Course Prerequisites:

Windows 10

Course Description:

This class introduces you to MS Excel, a popular spreadsheet application, which arranges and calculates numeric data in rows and columns.

In this class we will learn the basics of creating spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel 2010.  To help students create meaningful tools for their personal use we will create the following models that students can load to a flash drive and take home with them:

  • Creating a Budget
  • Tracking Expenses
  • Home Mortgage/Loan Calculator

Course Objectives: 

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Create a worksheet by entering text labels, numeric values, simple formulas, and functions.
  • Modify a worksheet by changing column width, editing cell content, and copying and moving cells.
  • Modify worksheet appearance by formatting text and numeric values, aligning cell content, and adding borders and shading.
  • Save and print a worksheet
  • Save a workbook to be used by people with earlier versions of Excel.
  • Perform simple operations on a data table such as finding, sorting, and filtering data.