eBay: Buy, Sell, and Ship

Class Sessions: Three, 2-hour classes


Course Prerequisites:

Basic internet and computer skills or equivalent experience

Course Description:

This course introduces you to the eBay web site and is an overview of the research, buy, pay, sell, and shipping options and strategies. You will learn what eBay has to offer and how to search for, buy and sell items.

Course Objectives:

After completing course you should be able to buy, sell, and ship your items using eBay.

First Day

  • Find and research items to purchase
  • Bid and buy items safely
  • Payment options for items purchased
  • Ebay return policy

Second Day

  • Establish an eBay account (required for selling)
  • My eBay functions
  • Seller strategies
  • Seller feedback

Third Day

  • Shipping methodology
  • Shipping options
  • USPS - FedEx - UPS
  • Free shipping supplies
  • Shipping smartly