Computer Help Center

For members of the Computer Club, a hands-on computer HELP CENTER has been established.  This is the preferred help path for members needing assistance with their computer problems.  Members should bring their desktops (cords, keyboard and mouse are not required) or laptops with power supply to the Annex for repair.  Alternatively, if a member cannot physically bring their computer to the HELP CENTER, arrangements can be made for pickup and delivery of the equipment.

Some issues cannot be resolved at the HELP CENTER and will require a home visit.  You can come to the scheduled HELP CENTER to request support for these problems.

The Help Center will be located in the Annex (adjacent to the Computer Lab in the Activities Center at 1 Texas Drive). Specialty staff for Mac computers, iDevices or Android devices will be available by appointment either at the Cyber Center or the Member's home, depending upon the problem.

You may bring only one computer per family per session. Come to the Cyber Center and check in. Ask for the log-in desk and register your computer there.

Next Scheduled Sessions:

Check the MEETINGS calendar tab for Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays on which the HELP CENTER will be scheduled.