Board Approved Transitional Guidelines

Board Approved Transitional Guidelines

September 18, 2020

(The majority of indoor club transition guidelines are posted on each club's microsites and are approved by the Chartered Club Committee. The list below are plans that were approved by the CA Board)

CA Amenities Transition Guide click here>>

Bocce Club  click here>>

Corvette Club  click here>>

Cycling Club  click here>>

Dance SIGs Outdoor click here>>

Dog Park click here>>

Dulcimer SIG Outdoor click here>>

Fabric & Fiber 2020 Craft Fair click here>>

Firewise and Trail for Outdoor Crews click here>>

Firewise Group HIZ Evaluation  click here>>

Fishing  click here>>

Georgette's click here>> 

Hiking Club click here>>

Horticulture  click here>> 

Pet Club Dog Training  click here>>

Pickleball Transitional Guidelines click here>>

Radio Transmitter Hunt click here>>

Remote Control Club click here>>

Rod and Gun Club click here>>

Sassy Ladies click here>> 

Softball Club Team Practice click here>>

Softball for Internal League Play click here>>

Sun City Texas HAWKS click here>> 

Tennis Club click here>>

Woodworking Shop click here>>

Woodworking Shop New Member Orientation click here>>

Zoomers Off Campus click here>>


2020 Flu Shot Clinic click here>>

NRO New Neighbor Welcome Program click here>>

Water Matters Program click here>>


Administrative Services click here>>

CA Outdoor Venues click here>>

Fitness Centers click here>>

Golf click here>>

Lifestyle & Activities click here>>

SC Farmers Market click here>>