Facilities Update


 Open Facilities

  • Golf Courses 
  • Pro shops 
  • Fitness Centers with appointments
  • Dog Park
  • Bocce, Fishing, Hiking, Horticulture, Pickleball, Radio Control Modelers, Remote Control, Softball, Tennis - contact clubs for hours and transition guidelines 
  • Woodshop, Craft Centers, Visual Arts, Billiards, Computer Club - contact clubs for hours and transition guidelines
  • Activities Center - for clubs and groups with approved transition plans
  • Retreat reservations for clubs and groups with approved transition plans - Retreat lobby is closed 


  • Residents have the responsibility of bringing their own water (and ice) to activities.
  • No spectators will be permitted at club activities.
  • Each club or group has been asked to provide a monitor or leader to facilitate the observance of the respective club’s transitional guidelines.
  • The fishing guidelines opens up the use of our three fishing areas at the Legacy Hills Park (Berry Creek Fishing Pond), Cowan Creek and at the Retreat. The guideline addresses the rules that need to be followed to use and enjoy these facilities. The remote control guidelines address water craft use at the Legacy Hills Park (Berry Creek Fishing Pond). Both fishermen and remote control water craft operators need to aware and support the social distancing guidelines put forth in these documents.

  • The Board received guidelines from the Pulte Group addressing a phased reopening of their communities under development such as ours. These guidelines give us their general direction on how and when to reopen all of our amenities. All of the transitional guidelines noted above comply with their directives.  As we begin the process of looking at how and when to open our various indoor activities we will follow their guidelines. >>Click here to see plans

  • There may be circumstances where our transitional guidelines may have to be more stringent than those offered by the State, County, City or Pulte.

  • Click here for COVID-19 Prevention Tips>>
Exercise well, stay safe and enjoy your stroll. Thank you.