From: Sun City Texas Community Association
Date/Time: 6/27/2020 9:00 am
Subject: Special Board Communicator - June 27, 2020

Special Board Communicator
June 27, 2020
Submitted by the Board of Directors
Special Recognition and Thank You
The CA Board and Staff would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Chartered Clubs and SIG leadership teams and the leadership teams of the Golf and Chartered Club Committees for their work and dedication in preparing and managing our Sun City Texas transitional activity documents and guidelines. Without their efforts we would not be enjoying the, albeit limited, use of our many amenities at this time.
Infection and Exposure Protocols
The reopening of facilities and amenities, those in Georgetown and in the surrounding communities comes with the potential and consequence of infection or exposure to COVID-19. For us in Sun City Texas this should become a time for heightened (not less) awareness of social distancing and the other CDC, state and local precautions for ourselves and for others. 
If a resident tests positive for the coronavirus and has visited a CA amenity or participated in a club or group activity in a CA facility or venue, we are requesting that person voluntarily do the following three things:

  1. Notify those who you have been in close proximity five to seven days prior to your positive test results. 
  2. Not attend or visit any CA functions, activities or facilities until you have received an all clear from your doctor. 
  3. Notify a CA staff, building monitor or a Chartered Club or SIG leadership member as soon as possible.
If you have been notified or are aware you were directly exposed (been in close proximity to) a person who tested positive, please do not visit any CA venues or participate in any club/SIG or group activities until you know by having a negative test result that you have not contracted the virus.  
We are defining “directly exposed” and/or “in close proximity to” with the following examples:
  • In the same golf foursome
  • On the same court (tennis, Pickleball, HAWKS, etc.)
  • In the same class, session, game or area (softball, gardens, dance, table tennis, craft area, etc.)
CA Staff will develop and manage their own protocols for staff exposures and positive tests which may have an impact on some resident activity or building access.  Club/SIG and other group activities must continuously maintain their attendance, participation or reservation records for two months.
It is with an abundance of caution and concern about the rising number of cases in our area that the CA Board and Staff are delaying the reopening of the following facilities:
  • The Retreat Amenity Center
  • Texas Drive Social Center and Library
  • Cowan Creek Amenity Center
Clubs that have reservations at The Retreat, Social Center and Cowan Creek Amenity Center for July and August will not have access to the rooms until buildings are officially open. If you have questions about your reservations please email Cindy Marsac at
The CA Board and Staff are however increasing the outdoor pool capacity and individual fitness access. These changes and other details will be noted in the next Fitness Communicator.
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